Cat Boarding Information

Sharon's cell - (253) 486-9437 or
Collectable Cat - (253) 826-0533


Cat Resort Reservations are required.
Please call as far in advance as possible, especially if you are requesting a holiday.

Before you arrive, be sure to call at least a day ahead so that we know when to expect you. For your cats resort safety, please transport kitty in a sturdy carrier, as new surroundings may be frightening.

Please bring your vet records including vaccination history and a spay/neuter certification to the Cat Resort. Please understand that we require this documentation for the protection of your cat and other Cat Resort guests.

Remember to bring your cat’s food, enough for the entire cat boarding stay.  We prefer not to medicate - talk to Sharon if your cat is taking medication.

If your cat uses a special type of litter, please bring enough for the cat boarding stay.  You may bring beds, toys or any “comfort” items you would like to leave with your cat.  Please, no dishes.

Your cat must be in good health to check in to the Sumner Cat resort.

We have the right to refuse cat boarding if we notice any signs of contagious or serious health conditions. Please check your cat for signs of external parasites (fleas, ticks, ear mites, etc.), internal parasites (worms), respiratory distress, (especially sneezing and coughing), skin, ear, eye, urinary tract or dental infections. See your veterinarian for any necessary treatment prior to their stay.

Please do not vaccinate your cat within two weeks of cat boarding in case of adverse reaction and to insure effective immunity.  We require that you apply a topical flea preventative such as Advantage or Frontline prior to cat boarding even if yours is an indoor cat.  If possible, please trim claws.