FAQ – Frequently Asked cat boarding Questions

First our most frequently asked question:

Do we mix cats from different families together in the same Cat Resort rooms?
A: No. Absolutely not.

Can I choose the Cat Resort suite I like the best for my kitty and have it reserved?
A: Yes and no. We try to accommodate our cat boarding clients requests for a specific suite.  However -- sometimes it might not work out, i.e.; the previous kitty in the cat boarding suite reserved for your kitty doesn't go home on time ("airport snowed in"), so your kitty stays in a different Cat Resort Suite.

Do you ever let the kitties out into common areas?
A: No, all cat boarding guests have private screened patios and personal attention from us.

For what length of time will Sumner Cat Resort board a cat?
A: It varies by the age and temperament of the cat, but about 1 month maximum is a rule of thumb.

Cat Boarding Litter box:

I'd like to bring my own litter box to Sumner Cat Resort. May I?
A: That's fine with us as long as you use clumping litter.

My kitty likes a fresh litter box. How often do you scoop?
A: Always at least twice a day. Cat Boarding Families of three or more cats usually have 2 litter boxes and/or oversize boxes and/or more scooping. It is all as needed.


Do you recommend we bring our kitty’s food while Cat Boarding?
A: Yes we not only encourage it we at Sumner Cat Resort require it. Most kitties are very particular about which flavor of which brand.  We do not want to worry that cat boarding guests are not eating because we have given them Salmon Entree instead of Salmon Dinner, for example. Also we don't want to change their diet or eating habits, so we require cat boarding guests come with their normal foods.

I don't want to change my kitty’s diet. Will you feed her as I do?
A: Yes. Give Sumner Cat Resort your instructions. Bring your kitty's special food.  We will post your instructions right on your cat boarding suite door.


What special medical services is provided at The Cat Resort?
A: We prefer not to get too involved with medical services.  Talk to Sharon.

How do you handle flea control?
A: We require that our cat boarding clients use flea control, for example, “Advantage,” on their kitties approximately a week before they come to The Cat Resort.

If my kitty needs to go to the vet during his stay, how is that handled by The Cat Resort?
A: Part of the cat boarding paperwork you fill out gives us permission to make medical decisions in your absence.  We SUGGEST everyone leave a credit card and instructions with your veterinarian. We REQUIRE clients who are either going to be unreachable by phone, or out of the U.S., or who have a kitty who is over the age of 14 to leave a credit card number with their vet. If we need to take your kitty to the vet, we charges $30 per visit for that extra service.

Tours/Visits/Deposits/Kitty Resort Reservations:

I'd like to tour The Cat Resort before I board my kitty. How do I arrange that?
A: We encourage a pre cat boarding visit.  Call us at The Resort and arrange a convenient time.

If I am in town can I visit my kitty while she is at The Cat Resort?
A: Sure.  We love to have people visit their kitties during cat boarding. Call us to arrange a time.

Why is everything done at The Cat Resort by appointment? Why can't I just drop off my kitty?
A: We need to be able to give you our undivided attention for about 15 - 20 minutes when you are cat boarding. We need to get clear information from you so we can provide the best possible care for your kitty. YOU need to get focused attention from us so you can leave your kitties (never an easy thing to do) feeling comfortable with us. Having appointments is the best way to ensure that this time is available. Imagine two clients arriving at the same time, both in a hurry to catch planes, etc. It doesn't work. We have appointments for tours and visits and pick-ups because an appointment ensures that we will be there when come.

How do you count the days you charge at The Cat Resort?
A: We try to check in Cat Resort guests late afternoon, evening feeding, overnight stay and morning feeding are considered one day.  An afternoon pick-up could gererate an additional half day fee.

Do you have a minimum charge?
A: no.

Do you require a deposit to hold a cat boarding reservation?
A: No. But we do ask you to please help us by letting us know the minute you know you don't need a cat boarding reservation so that we can say yes to a kitty on our waiting list, thereby helping our clients and our business.

How early do I need to call to be sure to get a Cat Resort reservation?
A: Just like any popular, well run Cat Resort Hotel - Call early if you can; Thanksgiving & Christmas are busy times, school holidays and summer, of course, will be very busy.  We do not want you to be disappointed.  When needed, we will have a cat boarding waiting list and notify you if a Cat Resort Suite becomes available.